Something that works!

December 14th, 2017 by Rick and Jackie

Pushing back poverty and reversing homelessness!

Yes,  it’s happening in Toledo, Ohio.   Cherry Street Mission Ministries under the direction of Dan Rogers and in the continuing spirit of their founders Jesse and Bertha Fleck in 1947,  and with the development of the Life Revitalization Center and in community partnership with other entities in N. W. Ohio,  lives are being changed through the Gospel of Redemption.

Here all about this right here Saturday morning on A Firm Foundation for Life as N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts welcome Dan Rogers to the program.   It all starts at 9:00 am.  on Saturday and re-heard every Sunday at 7:00 am. . on the region’s #1 station  1370 WSPD, streamed live on the internet at: or heard remotely with the I-Heart Media app. on your I-phone anywhere in the world!

Pictured last week in studio from Genacross Lutheran Services,  Anne Biel,  and Meg Stieber,  with Rick and Jackie.


Holidays 2017

December 7th, 2017 by Rick and Jackie

Holiday season is in full swing!

Hi Friends,   holiday parties every night this week,   last night at the long term care facility with Mom,  picture attached,  and that happens to be the subject of this Saturday’s radio show,  “Holidays in a Long Term Care facility”.    Joining us live this Saturday our friends from Genacross Lutheran Services will share with us how they try to make this a special occasion for everyone,  the residents,  the other family members, and at this occasion young children more than any other time of the year.    And sadly there are many residents that don’t have anyone to share this event with,  certainly an opportunity for people to come and join in on the fun!!!!

The program is heard Saturday at 9:00 am.  and again on Sunday at 7:00 am.  before church.   Tune into the regions #1 station WSPD  1370 am. . .  or stream it live at: or listen on your I-Phone live with the I-Heart media app,  it’s free.

Also pictured with R &  J,  is Dr. Jeffery Swartz, MD  last week’s feature guest talking about the challenges of family medicine


A big week for N.W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts

December 1st, 2017 by Rick and Jackie

Hi Friends,    Here we are in December,  getting into another holiday season.   After serving over 100 last Thursday at the Senior Center,  last Saturday’s show was all about keeping you safe for the holidays,  pictured with R &  J,  is Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn,  and Capt. Joe Heffernan Toledo PD. live in studio last Saturday.    Then Sunday it was 89 years for Mom,  pictured with her favorite birthday cake.

This Saturday December 2,  another in our for “Life” series on A Firm Foundation for Life,  joining Rick and Jackie in studio,   Wood County Hospital’s family practice director Dr. Jeffery Swartz to talk about family practice medicine and keeping you healthy for your entire life!   Everyone is responsible for their own health,  and taking the best care of themselves along life’s journey.   Topics to be discussed,  managing chronic illnesses,  when should you see a doctor about an illness,  prevention,  tests as we age,  baseline screenings,   medications,  to help you,  not harm you.  symptoms,  you’ll see them first,  and dealing with today’s health care system.

Saturday’s program,  begins at 9:00 am.  live and local on 1370 WSPD,  streamed at:,  live remotely on your I-phone with the I-Heart media app,  and Sunday’s show starts at 7:00 am.  live before church!

Don’t miss it this weekend,  “To your Good Health!”   with Rick and Jackie on A Firm Foundation for Life!

R & J

Urgent: for your safety

November 23rd, 2017 by Rick and Jackie

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone,   and yes for the 41st year in a row the pants fit again this year,   (pictured at the Wood County Committee on Aging Thanksgiving feast),  where all are welcome!

This Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life,   for the 8th year in a row,  for your safety,   Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn,   and Lt. Joe Heffernan T.P.D.   live,  but more importantly in the beginning this program was about burglaries and your Christmas packages being stolen,   this Saturday however, and in light of recent events,  the focus is on getting shot,   say at church,  or at a concert,  or at Walmart,  is the world more dangerous?   Let’s see what the experts say?

The program starts at 9:00 am.   live and local on 1370 WSPD,   streamed live at:,  or remotely on your I-Phone with the I-Heart media app,  just download the free app,  and listen to Rick and Jackie anywhere!    If you miss us on Saturday, it’s A Firm Foundation for Life,  Rewind,   Sunday morning at 7:00 am. (pre-church)!

This Saturday it’s all about your safety!   On A Firm Foundation for life with Rick and Jackie!

Christmas & Horse Country

November 17th, 2017 by Rick and Jackie

It’s time to start thinking about those gifts

Hi Folks, only 5 weeks till Santa Claus comes, so if you want that special gift for her this Christmas, better get started soon! That’s where Lisa Barrows comes in, and she will be with us live in studio this Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life. Lisa knows gifts for her, and she knows about the presentation, the wrapping, and the moment of delivery, everything makes that special creation special for a lifetime.

The program starts on Saturday at 9:00 am. live and local on 1370 WSPD, streamed live on the internet at: or listen on your I-Phone with the I-Heart Media, app. If you miss the program on Saturday, don’t forget the new Rewind presentation of A Firm Foundation for Life, every Sunday at 7:00 am. a good pre-church warm up.

Last Saturday after the radio program we re-visited Rosecrest Farms in Paris, Kentucky a famed breeding ground for Derby horses in the heart of horse country. Pictured with Rick Is the owner of Rosecrest Lyre Miller showing off the group of colts born this year at Rosecrest.

R & J

Veteran’s Day Salute!

November 10th, 2017 by Rick and Jackie

Honoring 2 special Vets this weekend

This weekend,  Veteran’s Day,  A Firm Foundation for Life is honoring 2 special veterans,   Tom Corsatea,   Jackie’s late father who fought on Normandy Beach,  and Rick’s Uncle Herb,  who will be 95 in June and was seriously wounded at the Battle of the Bulge in Europe in 1945.   Tune in Saturday at 9:00 am. to hear about these American heroes,  or Sunday on the Rewind program at 7:00 am.

Also on the program Saturday N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts review some other high points on NYC,  like Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty,   and conclude with some valuable insight into how you know when you have arrived in New York,  when you are “A-1 top of the heap”.    It’s information you can only get from N. W. Ohio’s longest running radio program,   A Firm Foundation for Life,  with Rick and Jackie.

Pictured below,  an incredible view looking up inside the Statue at the framework that supports the thin copper skin of the Statue of Liberty.

R & J

Kiwanis Pancake Day

November 2nd, 2017 by Rick and Jackie

Kiwanis Pancake Day at B.G.H.S.

This Saturday November 4 is another Kiwanis Pancake Day. $6 all you can eat, 7:00 am. to 1:00 pm . . . get there early!

N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts will be there early then at 9:00 am. it’s another edition of A Firm Foundation for Life! Scheduled to appear, Chris McGowan candidate for Judge in Sylvania Municipal Court, Perrysburg Mayor Mike Olmstead, running for a second term in Perrysburg, and probably our 5th District Congressman Bob Latta.

A Firm Foundation for Life, “rewind” is now heard on Sunday mornings at 7:00 am.. . rise early before church and catch what you missed on Saturday. Rick and Jackie are pleased to part of this area’s #1 news, talk, station, WSPD.  1370 on your AM dial, and streamed live at and remotely on your I-phone with the I-Heart media app.

Strange things can happen on Halloween, even at the nursing home, pictured is Mom with two surprise visitors from Gotham City!

R & J

Never forget

October 27th, 2017 by Rick and Jackie

Cold weather,   finally!

If your like us you have had the heat on this week at home.   Once we make all the necessary winter preparations there are NO drafts in our house!   What about yours?   Joining N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts live in studio this Saturday John Rapp,   Royalty M & M,  this area’s leading insulation contractor,  and home energy solutions company.  It’s now possible with modern equipment to find the source of drafts and heat loss problem areas in you home.   Tune in beginning Saturday at 9:00 am.. . . and don’t forget A Firm Foundation for Life,  “Rewind”   Sunday mornings before church at 7:00 am..  just before another great show on WSPD,  Time Waits for No One.

More ways than ever to listen to Rick and Jackie,  live and local on 1370 WSPD,   streamed live at:   <>   or remotely on your I-Phone,  with the I-Heart Media radio app.

Last weekend’s program about the events of 9/11 at the World Trade Center and the dedication of last week’s program to the memory of Harvey Gardner,  killed in the North Tower,  September 11,  2001. Pictured with Rick and Jackie is Anthony Gardner,   Harvey’s younger brother,  now a spokesperson for the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

Where were you September 11,  2001?

October 19th, 2017 by Rick and Jackie

This Weekend on A Firm Foundation for life,  N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts after several days in NYC,  broadcast live from the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.   Our feature guest on the program,  Anthony Gardner,  the senior V.P. for Government and Community Affairs,  lost his older brother Harvey on that fateful day,  and after spending time and sharing with Anthony we are dedicating this weekend’s program to Harvey’s memory.   This has been an unforgettable experience for Jackie and I,   and we encourage any of you that haven’t been here to New York to make the trip sometime in the near future.

The program begins Saturday at 9:00 am.  and this Sunday for the first time,  the program will be re-broadcast at 7:00 am.,  something to tune to before church.  1370 WSPD, streamed live at:  or remotely with the I-Heart radio media app on your I-phone.

Attached is a picture taken with Anthony Gardner in the Museum on Thursday morning.   And a picture of Jackie outside by the pools surrounded by the names of those that perished that day!

R &  J

New York, New York

October 12th, 2017 by Rick and Jackie

Coming soon!

In just another week if you miss the program on Saturday, you’ll be able to listen to a re-broadcast of the exact program Sunday morning at 7:00 am. . well before most people get ready for church. It’s just another way A Firm Foundation for Life and WSPD, this regions top station, work to give every listener access to the best radio information and programming in N. W. Ohio.

This Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life Rick and Jackie preview their upcoming broadcast on 10/21 from the 9/11 Memorial in New York. Jackie brings you all the latest in senior news as many events upcoming point towards Thanksgiving and then Christmas, even though the weather we have been enjoying fools the season.

Last week Rick and Jackie welcomed Dr. Ted Bowlus to the program not in his role as Wood County Commissioner, but to discuss Dr. Bowlus’s passion for the drug epidemic that is plaguing our State and our Nation.

R & J