Serious Topics

March 8th, 2018 by Rick and Jackie

Some serious topics Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life,  based on a true story from the Vietnam Memorial where people have been leaving cremains of their relatives at the Wall against the advice of the National Park Service,  now with nearly 100 different cremains that the Park Service doesn’t know how to handle them.   Joining us in studio Dan Billings from Deck-Hanneman Funeral Home & Crematory.   Besides our discussion about the proper handling of a person’s cremains,  we expect a broad discussion about cemetery lots and where one might wish to be buried?   Serious topics Saturday with expert examination by N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts,  sacred issues we all face in life.

The program can be heard Saturday at 9:00 am.  and Sunday at 7:00 am.  locally on  1370 WSPD,  streamed on your computer at:,  and remotely anywhere on your I-Phone with the I-Heart media app.

What a difference a week makes!   Last Friday night Rick & Jackie were on the beach enjoying the sunset at Lover’s Key with this group of local boaters.

Jackie working on show prep, 86 degrees

March 3rd, 2018 by Rick and Jackie

Working in Paradise

March 3rd, 2018 by Rick and Jackie

The first weekend in March and where do you find the hosts of N. W. Ohio’s longest running radio talk show,  A Firm Foundation for Life?    In Naples, Florida on a tough assignment,  but somebody has to do it!   Joining Rick and Jackie,  Robert Mattson as a young man a successful political figure in Minnesota for a short time period,  then built the most successful restaurant in Naples,  a few years later,  reliving his boyhood years,   Bob purchased a remote,  (only accessible by plane),  fishing camp in Northern Ontario.   A big golf fan,  Rick first met Bob at the 1994 Masters in Augusta and the two have been friends ever since.

However,  Saturday’s program has a more serious focus,  in light of the recent severe hurricane in Florida last fall,  Bob’s mother is in a long-term care facility in Florida in need of 24 hour care and electric to run life essential medical equipment.   The question of the program,  “Is it possible to evacuate thousands of people  from long term care facilities for a natural disaster?”

Besides Bob’s insight into this issue,   N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts have some opinions on this topic too . . .  living in N. W. Ohio isn’t so bad after all,  never have we had to evacuate!

The program is Saturday at 9:00 am.  Sunday at 7:00 am.  live and local,  on the internet at:   <>  and on your I-Phone,  live with the free I-Heart Media app.

Pictured is Rick standing in the Gulf of Mexico,  just before sunset!

R & J


How is your IQ?

February 23rd, 2018 by Rick and Jackie

Winter is winding down,  but what a time of natural disasters we have witnessed around the U.S.   Hurricanes,  floods,  wild fires,  sink holes,  have you ever wondered what’s your IQ?   Insurance quotient,  as these events occur, you keep hearing  many don’t have homeowner’s insurance, coverage.   Joining Rick and Jackie this Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life,  insurance specialists in this area from Wood County Insurance,  Phil Simmons, and Heather Parsons.   Wood County insurance since 1979 is beginning the small business transition to the next generation.   Fire coverage for your home still remains the most important insurance coverage,  but you have to do your part to protect your family’s safety . .  . like keeping your smoke detectors in working order . .  tune in to hear Rick’s story about a young family in a rental house that disabled the entire smoke detection system because they didn’t want to purchase replacement batteries?

The program begins at 9:00 am. on Saturday and 7:00 am. on Sunday is the Rewind show in case you miss it Saturday.   1370 WSPD on your radio dial, on your computer stream,  or live on your I-Phone with the I-Heart media app.

Pictured with Rick and Jackie from last week’s program before the House and Home show,  Chris Pfleghaar,   Andersen Windows,  and Jay Mauter from Northpoint Remodeling in Perrysburg.


2018 House & Home Show

February 15th, 2018 by Rick and Jackie

The third week in February as always it’s the HBA House & Home show at the Seagate Center in downtown Toledo.    The largest displayer each year is the Andersen Window display and we will again feature them on A Firm Foundation for Life this Saturday.

Joining us live in studio and on Facebook Live again this Saturday,  your local Andersen representative Chris Pfleghaar,  and Jay Mauter,  one of the owners of local Andersen service and installation company Northpoint Remodleling in Perrysburg.   Having trouble with your old windows,  Jay will answer all questions.

There are thousands upon thousands of houses in N. W. Ohio that need new windows and Andersen is the only replacement window that will enhance the home’s value,  tune in to hear why, beginning Saturday at 9:00 am.  or Sunday at 7:00 am.  to  1370 WSPD,  the region’s number one station for many years,  or power up your computer to: and stream it, or grab the I-Heart media app on your I-Phone and listen anywhere.

Rick and Jackie will have complimentary tickets to the show so tune in to win!   Pictured are two Andersen replacement windows Rick just installed several weeks ago.

Valentines weekend

February 8th, 2018 by Rick and Jackie

Here we are Valentines weekend 2018,  possible snowmageddon this weekend,   but you can count on N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts being in studio with another great presentation of love and marriage.   Joining Rick and Jackie,  Jim and Nancy Wenger married 33 years,   Jim is Pastor and he will provide the basics to a long and healthy marriage relationship.   Anne Biel will join all of us just to keep the discussion lively.

This Saturday’s program is a good opportunity to see the program live on Facebook Live,  at:  A Firm Foundation for Life on Facebook.    On your radio dial it’s 1370 WSPD,  92.9 FM.   streamed live at: or on your I-phone with the I-Heart Media app.

Pictured from last Saturday’s show in studio,  our new Wood Co. Auditor,  (tie),  Matt Oestreich,  and popping in the door is WSPD news director Kevin Millikan.   Don’t forget the actual Valentine’s Day is February 14,  next Wednesday.

Rick and Jackie

Saturday February 3

February 1st, 2018 by Rick and Jackie

A Firm Foundation for Life,  now broadcasting on Saturday and Sunday on “Facebook Live”  @  “A Firm Foundation for Life”.  We have enjoyed a whole new group of listeners from all over the world!

This Saturday beginning at 9:00 am.  and Sunday at 7:00 am. we are pleased to welcome to the program for the first time Wood County Auditor,  newly appointed Matt Oestreich,  replacing the long serving Mike Sibbersen,   not only is this a chance to get to know Matt,  but real estate taxes are due in Wood County on February 16,  in Lucas County on February 7.

Saturday’s program will be a good chance to contrast how things differ in adjoining counties Wood and Lucas.   The program is heard locally on  1370 WSPD,  streamed at: or remotely on your I-phone using the I-Heart media app.   On Facebook Live you not only hear the program,  but can view us live in studio with Matt.

Last week in Bowling Green was the Annual Chamber Dinner pictured before dinner is Rick and Jackie.

40 years ago

January 26th, 2018 by Rick and Jackie

40th Anniversary of the Blizzard of ’78

Where were you 40 years ago?    We haven’t seen anything like it since then,  and we haven’t had any extended period of brutal winter weather after the blizzard anniversary of January 26.

This Saturday night the biggest social event of the year,   the Chamber Annual Meeting at the Grand Ballroom.  On Saturday morning Rick and Jackie will visit with Earlene Kilpatrick,  the director of the Bowling Green Chamber.   Earlene has taken the Bowling Green Chamber to the next level with a major Civic event almost every month and smaller member events nearly every week.   The Chamber is one of those civic organizations that defines the Bowling Green community.

A Firm Foundation for Life is heard live on  1370 WSPD the area’s #1 station on Saturday morning at 9:00 am. . AFF Rewind is Sunday morning at 7:00 am. . .  the program is also streamed live on the internet at: and conveniently on your I-Phone with the I-Heart media app.

Rick is in constant demand to fix things in the home.  This picture is a skylight window that is leaking.  After months of calking and patching,  the window is now tarpped so we determine if the window itself is leaking or the flashing around the unit is leaking?

Your tax dollars at work

January 19th, 2018 by Rick and Jackie
A new year has rolled around and our first 1/2 year’s real estate taxes are in mail,  have you gotten yours yet?    In Lucas County taxes are due in just 11 days,  January 31,   in Wood County we have a few more weeks till February 16th.   Do you have questions about your taxes?   Not getting a tax bill does not alleviate or delay the tax obligation or penalties for late payments.
These are just a few of the topics for Saturdays program on A Firm Foundation for Life.   Joining Rick and Jackie Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez.   Anita has been serving the residents of Lucas County now for almost 14 years.   Anita has presided over some very difficult real estate markets in our local history and it’s always enlightening to hear her up-to-date assessment of the current market.
A Firm Foundation for Life is heard every Saturday at 9:00 a.m.  and every Sunday at 7:00 am.  before church!    The regions #1 radio station  1370 WSPD,  streamed live at:  <> and more conveniently on I-Heart radio on your I-Phone with the app.
How many of you have figured out what this picture is about?    Rick was called out yesterday for a service call for a clothes dryer that wouldn’t dry the clothes.   How many months of lint buildup do you think are on this lint filter,  in any case the dryer will NOT work with this dirty of a lint filter.
Rick and Jackie

What a difference a week makes?

January 11th, 2018 by Rick and Jackie

How about a 70 degree difference in temperatures,  is it any wonder that everyone is sick?   Including N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts?   Jackie missed the program last week for only the third time in 17 years,   but hopefully she’ll return this Saturday after a long suffering week in the Metz household.   Officially from the doctors office,  the flu,  officially today both are beyond the contagious stage and on the way to a full recovery.   We just got the word late today that Woodhaven,  Mom’s long term care facility has restricted visitor access during the current flu outbreak,  too.

Joining Rick and Jackie this Saturday, on A Firm Foundation for Life,  Paul Walker, and Susan Hojnacki,  two of our personal bankers here in Bowling Green, at the Union Bank Company.    Teachable moments in life,  like today’s young people that transfer $$$ with their phones which can virtually eliminate the “bounced check” problems people used to have,  back in the day of the paper checks.    Interesting topics to discuss this Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life beginning at 9:00 am.  on Saturday  and 7:00 am. on Sunday heard local and live on the region’s #1 station  1370 WSPD,   streamed live at: or heard remotely on I-Heart radio with the I-Heart media app.

Here is a picture of Rick and with Saturday’s guests Paul and Susan sharing Christmas treats at the Bank.

 R & J