This week’s show – Wood County Hospital’s “To Your Health”

Dear Friends and Family

Mid-August and it’s time for a health update on A Firm Foundation. Wood County Hospital’s monthly segment of, “to your health” will deal with knee replacement surgery. Dr. Carlos Gomez will join us first up at 9:00 am. to talk about his new techniques for total knee replacement surgery. Space age materials make it possible to return to a full range of activities after knee replacements.

Dr. Ron Negrich will join us to discuss the fall allergy season. For many of us with ragweed allergies, Labor Day is the height of the fall allergy season. And Dr. John Coates will join us with an updated report on Jackie’s weight loss program and her progress after 5 months, without revealing the numbers she has reached almost 1/2 her goal. Compliments abound!

The show starts at 9:00 am. on AM1470, “Ticket to your community”, for your convenience the show will be podcast after 12:00 noon, at type, “foundation” in the search bar.

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