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This week’s show – Merry Christmas Everyone!

Friday, December 26th, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! No sign of winter in N. W. Ohio this year so far, but Christmas is nearly over, the days start getting longer, and soon we will be talking about spring.

This Saturday N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts welcome back to the program, Shaun Hegarty 13 abc news anchor, and investigative reporter. On this last Saturday in 2014 Shaun brings his top 10 list of the most important news events in N. W. Ohio. Looking back in review, but looking ahead in just a few days to 2015, get the best insights and life’s lessons with Rick and Jackie every Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life!

The program starts Saturday at 9:00 am. and can be heard locally at AM1470 near the top of your radio dial, but streamed live on the internet at and also on I-Heart radio, more and more people are using these new platforms for their information and entertainment.

Work to do at Miami University

Friday, December 26th, 2014

Last week, Rick and Tyler Kempton, (pictured here), went to Miami University to work on college rentals, continuous upgrades, like the window just replaced here, along with other improvements. Tyler Kempton is a tech wizzard and his help was needed in this modern tech age!

This week’s show – Last weekend before Christmas

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Here we are at that time of year again, Santa Claus comes just one week from today. Are you ready? Do you need any last minute gifts for someone special. If so, tune into A Firm Foundation this Saturday and let N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts guide you to some special things for him or for her.

Or is that special one, a 4-legged member of your family? We have something special for them too. The show kicks off at 9:00 am., first up will be Dana Frank of Frank Sales, Nikki Badman owner of Pocos Playhouse will talk about the holidays and your dog, do they know about Christmas? You bet!

Ginny Stewart, of Ginny’s Hats and Apparel, will talk about personal and special gifts for him or her. And rounding out the morning, it’s the 15th appearance of the Firm Foundation Christmas Choir, whoever is at the station can participate, as always, Jackie is the director!

The show kicks off at 9:00 am. live locally on AM 1470 WLQR, or streamed live at and also on I-Heart Radio.

Christmas Party!

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Pictured is a scene from the Christmas Party at Woodhaven, besides Mom, several others without family joined the table with R & J .

This week’s show – Santa Claus is coming to town!

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Two weeks from today, Santa Claus will be here!

What’s happening in the greater Toledo area for many less fortunate? Tune into A Firm Foundation this Saturday as we feature 4 local charities doing God’s work. First up will be Dan Rogers of Cherry Street Mission, followed by Kevin Zanders of the Salvation Army, then Mindy Rapp from Seagate Foodbank, and Emily Avery from United Way.

What puzzles us is that each year the needs in this area continue to grow, tune in and find out how you can help, the show starts at 9:00 am. locally on AM1470 WLQR, and streamed live on the internet at also on I-Heart Radio.

Last Sunday – With Sandi Patti

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Last Sunday Rick and Jackie got to be at a special reception for long time recording artist Sandi Patti, here is a picture with Jackie.

This week’s show – Let it snow!!!!

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Here comes another winter in N. W. Ohio, after last year’s record snowfall, 8′ worth, people are on edge about whether last year was an anomaly or if we are in for a cycle of severe winter weather, was November an indicator?

This Saturday N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts welcome Kristin Counsino from the City of Toledo Department of Public Works, to review last winter’s snow issues around Toledo, and what might be tweaked for this winter.

In hour #2 from the Red Cross is Jessica Zercher, Disaster Program Manager for the Ohio Buckeye Region. Jessica deals with just about any issue where people need help, she will talk about what the Red Cross provides and how you might be able to contribute to disasters that move you to contribute.

The show kicks off at 9:00 am live locally on AM1470 WLQR, and streamed live on the internet at also on I-Heart Radio.

Last week’s show – From St. Juilians Fitness Center

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Pictured with Rick at last week’s show from St. Juilians Fitness Center in Perrysburg, is Wood County Sheriff, Mark Wasylyshyn, and Sgt. Joe Heffernan from Toledo P.D.