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This Weeks Show – Where is Spring??

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Back home to winter


When is it going to end?   Two to four inches of snow this weekend?  After 12 days of marvelous weather from Southern Ohio all the way to South Florida it’s been a challenge to go back to work.   On A Firm Foundation for Life,  N. W. Ohio’s most  trusted hosts return to the studio for a show filled with lot’s of interesting tidbits and observations about highways,  travel,  costs, horses,  shopping and our Country.   It’s a can’t miss Saturday,  the last Saturday in March, beginning at 9:00 am. on AM 1470 WLQR,  or streamed live on the internet at:  <> also on I-Heart Radio.


Pictured from last week’s show from Rosecrest Farm in Paris, Kentucky, part of the famous Bourbon County, are your hosts with special guests Bobby Shifflet, famous photographer, and Margaret Layton local historian and promoter. Notice the Rosecrest colors above the mantel in the background.


This Weeks Show – What do you do when you are on the beach alone? – Plus Pictures from Our Trip!

Saturday, March 21st, 2015

You frolic in the Gulf with just your hat on!


On the road again with the compass pointing North,  N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts have the pedal to the metal with a stop this weekend in horse country,  Lexington,  Kentucky.   A Firm Foundation for Life will preview the Kentucky Derby,   March Madness,  on a show that will  be more lighthearted than those of recent weeks.   Spending Friday and Rosecrest Farms just outside Lexington,  Rick and Jackie will get a full tour of the stables,  meet all the famous horses including Tinner’s Storm a grandson of Secretariat.    R &  J will be hosted at Rosecrest Farms by Charles and Lyra Miller,  the owners and big UK fans.   UK could become the first college basketball team to go undefeated since 1979,  Bobby Knight and Indiana.


The program begins this Saturday March 21,  at 9:00 am.  and can  be heard locally on   AM1470 WLQR,  or streamed live on the internet at: <>   also on I-Heart Radio.

This Weeks Show – Where is the next house being built?

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Hi Everyone,   well here we are almost a week into March,  and still in the grips of winter,  why would we try to start a house in this weather?  see attached picture.    However,   A Firm Foundation for Life is keeping both of N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts very busy.   This Saturday Rick and Jackie visit Genesis Village,  the newest most unique adult living community in Toledo.   Over 10 ac. at the corner of Renyolds and Heatherdowns,  the former Holiday Inn,   expansive common space and amenities,  plus the top chef in Toledo,  Kameel Ansara,  Rick and Jackie can’t wait to tell you about it,  so much in fact they are staying in the guest quarters Friday night just to capture the experience!


Tune in beginning at 9:00 am.   locally to  AM1470 WLQR,  and streamed live at:   <>  this show will be seriously entertaining,  it’s information you need for,  “Life”.


Also pictured, taken live last Saturday at Deck-Hanneman Funeral Home and Crematory,  is Dan Billings,  Director,  and Kraig and Kay Hanneman with Rick and Jackie.


Coming up next week live from Clearwater, Florida,  be sure to tune in, guaranteed NO snow!


R & J

Deck-Hanneman Funeral Home and Crematory

Dead of Winter in March