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Summer’s Mid Point

Thursday, June 30th, 2016
Taking a much needed holiday
   Time off this weekend for N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts,   after the best ever Crosby Arts Festival last weekend with the best 5 artist guests ever,  and the best weather ever,  this Saturday it’s a long weekend back East,  as in Maine.   Join Rick and Jackie next Saturday July 9th live before a live audience at Lutheran Village with another “for Life” series,  Diabetes,  America’s #1 health issue.   Our feature guest will be Dr. Kara Fine,  endocrinologist,  and local expert of living with and controlling your diabetes.
Attached is a copy of Rick’s newspaper column on “Long distance Care giving which appeared in the paper last Friday June 24.
Happy Independence Day!   America!
R & J
Newspaper column     “Road Map”
On a recent edition of A Firm Foundation for Life, a growing problem in our Country was discussed — a problem prevalent here, too — long-distance caregiving.   Long-distance caregiving is defined as more than an hour away from your relative.  It’s estimated in our Country that more than 10 million people are trying to manage caregiving by long distance.  Our feature guest on the program was Dr. Maisha Robinson, Chief Resident in Neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.     Dr. Robinson also specializes in neuro-palliative care and care of seriously ill patients and their families.  She also shared with us her experiences with relatives dealing with  care, during serious illnesses in life, from a distance.  Like Ohio,  Florida has large numbers of people with family afar,  so much so,  that a new profession is springing up, “geriatric care managers.”   A geriatric care manager is trained, trusted, and paid to deal with the sick person locally, make certain decisions, and report to the caregiver’s appointed family, as agreed.
We are fortunate here in Wood County to have an array of supportive services like the Wood County Committee on Aging, as well as other public and private providers.  You don’t have to go very far, even to some adjoining counties, to find supportive services in short supply.   The problem of not having family and friends close by to provide care is only going to get worse in succeeding years as our younger generation, better-educated in many cases, seek out more glamorous places to live than Northwest Ohio making even a move to Columbus, a growing and vibrant city, long-distance by definition.
The following are some suggestions Dr. Robinson offered on the program.   Uprooting Mom or Dad to come live near the kids is not always the best option.   Many older folks don’t want to leave the familiar and move to some place new at an old age.  Many can’t assimilate into new surroundings and the trauma of relocation may be worse than the affliction from which they suffer.   Make sure this is a mutual, well-thought out move; often you can’t go back!   If multiple siblings are involved, split up the duties of caregiving; further, if different siblings have different talents, make use of those talents, i.e., one for the finances,  one for legal issues, and one for physical care.
Travel can be a major problem for the caregiver which can be compounded with worry, strife, and guilt.  Dr. Robinson has seen benefit in longer visits, maybe a whole week at a time versus a day here and there, allowing the caregiver to be really involved during the visit.  Quantity time can mean quality time.  There is a fairly recent situation here in Bowling Green where the daughter retired from her job in another state and temporarily moved to Bowling Green, living with her Mom for the last several years of Mom’s life.  The daughter cherished every moment, was able to get involved with her Mom right here in Bowling Green while participating in church, other activities, including making friends.  She has even said there were no regrets!
Lastly, and most importantly, be realistic about what you can provide as a long-distance caregiver because “caregiver burnout” happens quickly.  There is also a good chance you may not be there at the end, so treat each visit as if it’s the last.  Don’t leave without saying everything to the loved one you want them to know.  Dr. Robinson provided some expert insight, too.  No one knows how much a deathly ill person can hear so assume they can hear everything!  Talk to them like they arelistening.  More importantly don’t say things in their presence that they shouldn’t hear!
Caregiving is not about money; it’s about laying up treasures in heaven.

Why Not?

Thursday, June 9th, 2016
It keeps happening!
  Several times in recent years in the Toledo area we have seen funeral homes commit fraud and abuse against families and their deceased loved ones.   This Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life,  our friends from Deck- Hanneman Funeral Home and Creamatory join us for an updated discussion about issues of life and death,  and the sacred responsibility of handling the remains of the deceased.   Jackie and I keep reminding people about the Deck-Hanneman facility and how it’s the best planned full service facility in this entire area.
  Here this important information beginning at 9:00 am. locally on  AM1470,   and streamed live at:   <>  and remotely on I-Heart Radio.
Pictured with Rick and Jackie in studio is Karen Raney Wolkins,  Director of the Toledo Botanical Gardens discussing the 51st. Crosby Festival of the Arts in just 2 weeks.
R  & J

Summer in the City

Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
It has finally arrived,  the summer of 2016.   This Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life,  N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts present a preview of the two top events of the summer in the Toledo area,  June 25 and 26 it’s the 51st. Crosby Festival of the Arts,  from the Toledo Botanical Gardens,  joining us in hour #1,  the director and all around great gal,  Karen Raney-Wolkins,  Karen is praying for 3 nice days this year!    Then in hour #2,  Jim Heller joins Rick and Jackie to talk golf,  as in Marathon Classic coming in mid-July at Highland Meadows.   Jim heads up the media center,  which will be a new one this year,  and the Marathon Classic will be covered live this year as part of the CBS golf production live on Sunday!
Tune in beginning at 9:00 am. . . locally to AM1470 WTOD,  or streamed live at:  <>  also live and remotely on I-Heart Radio,  just download the I-Heart app.
Pictured this week,  major construction progress on Jacqueline Place,  the windows finally arrived from Andersen are all set and ready for siding next week!
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