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The Long and Winding Road Comes to an End

Monday, August 15th, 2016
Is your lawn brown?
This Saturday it’s time to visit with Chuck Dobson of TruGreen N. W. Ohio.    What color is your lawn?  A very few are green,  some are yellow, and most are deep brown.   Here in mid-August what does all that mean?  In the first hour it’s Jack Renz,  new spokesperson for the German American Festival just two weeks away,  now and the traditional end of our summer.
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Today’s picture is where it’s all going to end.   The last lot,  601 Jacqueline Place,  the final completion of Slippery Elm Hollow,  and the end to a 46 year career of homebuilding upon the completion of this home in a few short months,  permits have been pulled,  ground will be broken in a couple of weeks,  and the rest will be history.

Records are Made to Be Broken

Thursday, August 4th, 2016
It’s the 143rd. edition of the Wood County Fair this Saturday!
   That’s allot of fairs,  it’s also the 15th consecutive radio show,  A Firm Foundation for Life with the Wood County Commissioners,  also a long running tradition.   Back to the original location at the Sheriff’s shack by the grandstand the only thing that has changed are the Commissioners,  this show it’s Doris Herringshaw,  Joel Kuhlman, and Craig LaHote.   Rick and Jackie N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts with the Wood County Commissioners this Saturday at 9:00 am. on A Firm Foundation for Life!
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   Last Saturday on the program Rick and Jackie reviewed the ultra tight security at the Republican Convention with Wood County Sheriff,   Mark Wasylyshyn.   Sheriff Mark attended the Convention, as a representative of the National Sheriff’s Association.    Rick and Jackie attended as part of the national media,  so a broad perspective of security was discussed on the program.