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Thursday, September 29th, 2016
Just Breaking today . . . . . .
Breaking News on A Firm Foundation for Life . .  beginning October 15,  just 2 weeks,   A Firm Foundation for Life will be heard locally on  1370 WSPD,  every Saturday still at 9:00 am.   With coverage in 16 counties here in N. W. Ohio and 10 counties in Michigan and 8 times the listenership Rick and Jackie’s message of A Firm Foundation for Life will resonate with many thousands of people beginning in just two weeks.   This will be a landmark event in the 16 year history of the program and for  the hosts as well!
Rain,  rain, go away,
Here we are on the last house in SEH and just what we need challenging weather!   Fortunately,  we have the drainage in the hole,  along with concrete footers so we can pump once the rain stops??  maybe Monday?
Pictured from Tuesday better conditions and better productivity,  601 Jacqueline Place

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Flooded Basement

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016
Flooded Basement
Trump in Toledo on Wednesday
Well he was here in Toledo again just Wednesday and this Saturday N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts will speak with the chief of communications for the campaign Scott Hogensen.   This will be much different than many of the subjects you hear the normal hosts discuss as Rick and Mr. Trump are in the same business,  not on the same level,  but many of their experiences are similar,  like working with government agencies,  permits,  employing many skilled tradesman,  and borrowing lots of $$$.  And of course many years in the same business.   It’s a can’t miss interview starting shortly after 9:00 am. . ..
Live and local on AM1470 WTOD,  streamed on the internet at:  <> and also heard remotely on I-Heart radio.
This is a construction picture of great significance, one of the biggest problems of basement flooding in this area,  old field tile,  clearly visible in this picture.   This whole area in many subdivisions in former farm fields, has stray field tile that can collect ground water and channel right into your basement.   An experienced contractor like Rick will go out beyond the excavation and make sure the field tiles are destroyed and unable to channel water,  who knows what the contractor of this house will do?