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Agriculture and $$$

Friday, October 28th, 2016

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The biggest industry in Ohio & in Wood County

Over $100 billion in Ohio, do you know what it is? Farming and agribusiness, salt of the Earth, right here in Ohio. This Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life, we are pleased to be joined live on the program, the new Executive Vice-President of the Ohio Farm Bureau, Adam Sharp. Stepping in to fill the shoes of legendary Jack Fisher, Adam Sharp’s roots are on the family farm, in Fairfield County. As members of the Farm Bureau now for nearly 10 years we have watched first hand as our Farm Bureau has been pro-active in such matters animal rights, water issues, farm labor issues, pesticide and fertilizer application regulations, mineral and easement rights in rural areas, and just about any other challenge facing our family farmers.
Tune into A Firm Foundation for Life on our new home in Toledo, 1370 WSPD also on 92.9 fm. beginning at 9:00 am. The broadcast is streamed live on
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Pictured tonight, last week in studio pink was the color of choice for Breast Cancer Awareness, with Rick and Jackie is Dr. Robert Lavey, and from the construction site at 601 Jacqueline Place, F & F Concrete have a large section of this long driveway finished ahead of schedule.

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Breast Cancer Awareness

Thursday, October 20th, 2016
It’s getting late into grass growing season!
     A Firm Foundation for Life this Saturday will focus on Breast Cancer Awareness month,  October 1 thru 31.  Many of the fund raising events are over,  so this Saturday N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts will welcome again to the program one of the world’s foremost experts on cancer and the treatment of cancer Dr. Robert Lavey, cancer radiologist specialist and medical director of the Maurer Family Cancer Center at Wood County Hospital.  Dr. Lavey came to us via, USF, via, USC, via, UCLA, via Stanford.  Dr. Lavey has been the principle director of 12 internationally conducted clinical trials.   Dr. Lavey has written over 40 scientific articles and 20 chapters in textbooks.  Our favorite Dr. Lavey quote is when someone asks him when we are going to find a cure for cancer his answer is always, “we are curing cancer everyday”!
     This Saturday beginning at 9:00 am.  it’s the whole program with Dr. Lavey.  Tune into  1370 AM  WSPD, also on 92.9 fm,  also streamed live at:  <>  or I-Heart radio.
      Yesterday Rick sowed grass at the new construction site 601 Jacqueline Place,  probably the last time this year for grass sowing and just ahead of today’s soaking rain.  A picture is attached,  also a picture of R &  J with their new broadcast engineer Josh Kelly inside the WSPD studio at I-Heart Media in downtown Toledo.
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Opening Day for only the 3rd time.

Thursday, October 13th, 2016
     In the 16 year history of A Firm Foundation for Life radio program this Saturday will be only the third opening day.  This culminates the final assent to the top, moving to WSPD  1370 am. beginning still at 9:00 am.   Since it’s baseball playoff time,  we are leading off with the top-of-the-order,  this Saturday October 15 with our senior economist George Zeller.   Between the three of us we are going to let our new audience hear first hand what a great state Ohio was,  with many great cities,  and why the three of us think we could become great again.  George will be joining us about 9:20,  so don’t miss a minutes of his information.
Again it’s the strongest signal at the top of the dial  AM1370.   If you are far away it’s also easy:  <>   and remotely on I-Heart radio.
Pictured tonight are the two partners of F & F Concrete

a local company serving N. W. Ohio.  After 30 years of working side by side these two old timers are playing in their last game.  The second picture shows their work this week.

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Debut only one week away!

Thursday, October 6th, 2016
Debut only one week away!
     A Firm Foundation for Life will debut Saturday October 15 on 1370 WSPD and also on 92.9 FM.   With a strong signal that reaches 26 counties in Ohio and Michigan, N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts are ready to game on!
Our website has been all re-vamped,  <>  updated with new videos,  and an up-to-date Blog,  complete with construction pictures of the new house construction at 601 Jacqueline Place.
You can e-mail us with questions through our home page we look forward to hearing from you!   Tune in next Saturday for a look back at the Ohio we grew up in.  In this season of elections sometimes we have to remember where we came from to see how much things have changed.   Next week’s program time stays the same as the last 16 years,  9:00 am.. . ..  1370  WSPD.
This week’s pictures show the basement construction,  there is no substitute from dry weather!  Hi-performance water proofing is being applied,  then 2” insulation around the basement perimeter,  then stone backfill for drainage.
R & J

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