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Saying Goodbye to 2016

Thursday, December 29th, 2016
The end of another year . . . .

This Saturday we turn another page on A Firm Foundation for Life,   New Year’s Eve and N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts prepare to look back and look ahead.   2016 in review,  with our friend local TV news anchor and investigative reporter,  Shaun Hegarty.   Shaun has spent weeks pouring over the top local stories of 2016 and will be with Rick and Jackie for the entire show beginning at 9:00 am.   Heard locally now on 1370 WSPD & 92.9 fm. that’s the big story for A Firm Foundation for Life,  now for 11 weeks 2017 promises to be even bigger for N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts.

What a way to kick it off?   Here is a sneak peak for January 7,  2017,  by Sunday Rick and Jackie will be at Pearl Harbor for the 75th Anniversary of “a day that will live in infamy”.   Saturday January 7, live from Hawaii.

So jump on board and see why Rick and Jackie host Saturday morning’s #1 show now for 17 years in N. W. Ohio.    Rick and Jackie want to wish everyone a terrific New Year,  as we all work to make America great again!

Attached is a picture of Rick’s last house at Slippery Elm Hollow,  the outside is now done,  the inside will be finished early in 2017.

R & J

The Day Before Christmas

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

Christmas Eve and no rest for N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts!

This Saturday December 24,   Rick and Jackie are pleased to welcome Dan Rogers,  CEO Cherry Street Mission Ministries to the program.   Cherry Street is on the front lines of poverty and homelessness in the inner City,  and under Dan Rogers direction the ministry’s goal is to reverse the cycle of poverty and homelessness,  beyond just treating the victims.   Dan will be with us the entire program this Christmas Eve,  so take an hour early Saturday morning beginning at 9:00 am.  and hear about God’s work being done everyday by the staff and volunteers at Cherry Street Mission Ministries in Toledo.

A Firm Foundation for Life is now heard every Saturday at 9:00 am. . on this area’s #1 station for news and talk,  1370 WSPD and 92.9 fm.   Far away you can stream at: 1370wspd  or remotely on I-Heart radio.

Pictured from last week’s program with Seagate Foodbank and the Salvation Army is Major Scott Kelly in studio with Rick and Jackie.

Rick and Jackie was to wish everyone a blessed and Merry Christmas!
R & J


Thursday, December 15th, 2016

In just a little over a week Santa Claus arrives,  it’s time for some very serious programs on A Firm Foundation for Life.   Our holiday series,  “Doing God’s work in N. W. Ohio” will be our features the next two Saturdays.   Joining us this Saturday will be Mindy Rapp,  director of Seagate Foodbank in Toledo.   Many times the foodbank is the difference in people’s lives between eating and not eating.  Right after Mindy,  Major Scott Kelly local coordinator for the Salvation Army joins us.  the red kettles are out and your generosity during this season is what allows the Army to fulfill their calling.

The program starts at 9:00 am.  live on 1370 WSPD, and streamed at:  or remotely on I-Heart radio.   All this information is on our website: along with Rick’s Thanksgiving column from the Sentinel Tribune.   Find podcasts of previous shows on the website too.

Last week Rick and Jackie talked about winterizing your home,  well the time has arrived with below zero weather even before winter starts officially next week.  Attached is a picture of what can happen to your water spigot if you have not removed your garden hose for the season.   This is a $300 repair for you plumber.

R & J

Close the windows, honey it’s cold outside

Thursday, December 8th, 2016
It might be too late?
 The first real cold weather of the season,  if your garden hose is still outside, and connected?  it may already be too late and frozen?   This Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life many other seasonal winter survival tips for your home,  and your pocketbook.   Are there windows in your house that have never been fully locked from the summer season?   A closed window that is not locked?   lets in 4 times the cold air than a window that is closed,  latched, fully engaging the weather stripping.   It promises to be an informative show with only 2 weeks left till Christmas,  and three weeks left in 2016.
   The program starts at 9:00 am. live on  1370 WSPD and 92.9 fm.  streamed live at and also on I-Heart radio.
   Pictured with Rick and Jackie in the studio from last week’s show,  Commissioner of Streets, Harbors, and Bridges for Toledo,  David Welch.   How timely our discussion about snow,  that the weather forecast for this weekend?   Also a picture of the new home at 601 Jacqueline Place,  siding be installed on the outside,  mechanical work taking place on the inside!
R & J

Close the windows img1

Close the windows img2

Wood County Senior Center Thanksgiving.

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Thanksgiving, a healthy life, optimum aging by learning to adapt to changes in your life can bring a person continued years of life’s blessings.

For the 15th  consecutive year now at the Wood County Senior center a full Thanksgiving meal was served to over 100 people.   Started by former Wood County Committee on Aging director,  Jean Smith,  and now carried on by current director Denise Niese this Thanksgiving event provides many in the area a warm inviting family meal and homelike atmosphere for people don’t have a place to go.  Everyone is welcome,  the event is free will offering,  and many volunteer to assist in every capacity needed.   Hey, you might ask,  don’t you work here all week,  wouldn’t it be nice not to be here today?   Forget that,  this is not work,  this more gratifying than serving yourself or others that might not appreciate your efforts!

Which brings me to the point of this writing,  as we grow older the family gatherings portrayed in those TV commercials about a joyous holiday multi-generational gathering at grandma’s house don’t exist for many  people in our world.   By stepping out and making new traditions,  with others,  in the same, spirit of the holiday  is not only  rewarding and fulfilling,  it can lead to healthy and optimal aging for the rest of your life.   At this Thanksgiving event we are seeing any number of special traditions emerging,  like you might see at any typical family gathering.  Yes,  Christmas is just a few weeks away,  and again it will be groups like the Senior Center,  Churches, and others that will be there to welcome those in need, those that give and  this gives us all something to be thankful for on this day of Thanksgiving!

Always Relevant!

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Let it snow, let it snow

Sometimes on A Firm Foundation for Life our programs are seasonally relevant as is the case this Saturday, with the City of Toledo, Department of Streets, Harbors, and Bridges, Commissioner Dave Welch. And sometimes our programs are relevant to events that happen both locally or around the world as was the case last Saturday with Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn and Lt. Joe Heffernan Toledo P.D. where the topic was keeping you safe for the holidays. And of course, Monday there was a terrorist attack in Columbus, when you would least expect it!

So tune in this Saturday December 3, beginning at 9:00 am. live on 1370 WSPD, on 92.9 fm., and streamed at: , or remotely on I-Heart radio. Since we started having the City of Toledo on the program 9 years ago, we have never had a major snow storm before this program.

Pictured with Rick and Jackie in studio last week is the Sheriff and Lt. Joe. Only 3 weeks till Christmas!

R & J

Let it snow img1