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We will sure eat well

Sunday, February 26th, 2017

If Mike Dewine becomes our next Governor, we will sure eat well! Pictured with Rick is Fran DeWine and her one of her famous cook books!
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Another year older

Friday, February 24th, 2017

The last weekend in February and it feels like the last weekend in April. It’s been the nicest week ever in February in N. W. Ohio and that has given Rick the opportunity to actually do landscaping work on his last house in SEH, see “Blog” for pictures. This last Saturday in February N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts will welcome to A Firm Foundation for Life, Robert Blancato. Robert has been involved in Washington for many years working on numerous aspects of “aging”. Robert is the national coordinator of the Elder Justice Coalition. He is the Director of the National Assn. of Nutrition & Aging Services. He is Board Chm. American Society of Aging. A board member for AARP. And he is an Influencer in Aging. Robert is the keynote guest next Thursday in Cleveland at the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging and Saturday he is our feature guest. In an uncertain world, what might the future look like?

The program starts at 9:00 am. on 1370 WSPD and on 92.9 fm. is streamed live at: and remotely on I-Heart Radio.

Pictured with Rick and Jackie from last week’s show in studio, Chris Pfleghaar, Andersen window consultant, and Doug Schmidt, owner of Northpoint Remodeling, the official Andersen window technician in this area.


Today’s Sentinel Tribune 2017 Progress Edition

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Bowling Green’s oldest first generation sole proprietorship:

We love our new windows

Friday, February 17th, 2017

Last week love, this week love again!

Last Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life on Valentines weekend the program was about love at any age. This week it’s about loving our new windows, as in Andersen windows. The HBA House & Home show is at Seagate Center, one of the main products featured at the show will be Andersen windows, and of course that’s our brand of choice, and as many of you know we are in the process of a complete window replacement project in our own home, the previous, famous, national brand failed after only 17 years, so we are replacing this time with Andersen, and “we love our new windows”. Chris Pfleghaar, the local Andersen window consultant will join us for the program so tune in, to hear about the best!

The program starts at 9:00 am. . live and local on 1370 WSPD, streamed world-wide at: or remotely on I-Heart radio. Have you downloaded the I-Heart radio app to your smart phone yet?

Pictured with Rick and Jackie last week on Valentines weekend is the whole cast of guests: from the left, Jim and Judy, 53 years, Jack and Roselyn 62 years, Anne Biel Genacross Lutheran Services, and Pastor Nathan Tuff, along with Rick and Jackie. Also pictured is the southeast side of our home with the 4 new Andersen windows, all within brick, not an easy replacement, but they are perfect!

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Red Roses or candy?

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Love is in the air!

Valentines weekend 2017 and what are your plans?  N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts welcome (2) couples to the program with well over 100 years of marital experience to talk about,  “Love,  special at any age”.   Also joining in with the group to discuss marriage will be Pastor Nathan Tuff,  from Olivet Lutheran Church in Sylvania to discuss some of the extensive counseling he provides couples before he performs a wedding.

It all promises to be a very interesting an informative program about love,  marriage,  and life.   A Firm Foundation for Life,  starts at 9:00 am.  on  1370 WSPD and 92.9 fm.  is streamed live at:  and remotely on I-Heart radio.

Pictured with Rick and Jackie from last week’s program in studio is Phil Simmons, and Heather Parsons of Wood County Insurance.   In the other picture construction is progressing towards completion with the delivery of all the trim,  set up in the basement for painting.

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Will people ever listen?

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

We talk about it every year!

Hi Friends tragedy has struck twice last month in Toledo.  6 people have died in two separate apartment fires.   Every year with our friends from Wood County Insurance we discuss the risks of living in a multi-family apartment complex,  the need for renter’s insurance,  and the absolute need to make sure your own smoke detectors are in working order!   Heck,  you can get free smoke detectors from most fire departments.    Joining us live in studio will be Phil Simmons and Heather Gardner from Wood County Insurance.

The program begins at 9:00 am.  live on  1370 WSPD,  streamed live at: and remotely on I-Heart radio.    Also on this program we will talk about insurance for riots,  terrorism,  and even discuss volcano insurance,  which is a necessity if you live on Hawaii.

Pictured this week is the interior of the new house at 601 Jacqueline Place,  the outside is complete,  the inside will be done in a few weeks.

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