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Crosby Arts

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

It’s finally time for the Arts Festival,  the 52nd edition!

Summer is upon us,  and one of the top two events of the year in this area,  happens this weekend at the Toledo Botanical Gardens,  the 52nd Crosby Festival of the Arts.  Joining Rick and Jackie on Saturday beginning at 9:00 am. several of the top and most unique artists at the Festival,  so be sure to tune in before you head out to the Gardens.

The program is heard locally on 1370 WSPD,  is streamed live at <>  and can be heard remotely on the I-Heart Media App.

F & F Concrete has had a busy week at the new custom built house Rick is constructing near N. Baltimore on this beautiful county lot.   The attached picture shows all the progress . ..

Rick and Jackie


The Sun, your enemy?

Friday, June 16th, 2017

What a timely subject?

The hottest week of the year,  and the most intense sunshine of the year,   and Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life,   Anders Dermatology,   “The Sun,  your friend or your Enemy”?    Joining us will be the younger Dr. Anders,  Dr. Tim and Dr. Ana,  plus Cathy Oswald who deals in cosmetics.   This promises to be a very informative program for your life,   speaking of Rick and Jackie lost their next door neighbor to melanoma just 3 years ago.

Tune in beginning at 9:00 am.  to  1370 WSPD locally,  or stream it at:,  or remotely on your I-Phone with the I-Heart media app.

Work has begun in earnest on the new custom built home Rick is constructing for a local resident on her family farm just south of Bowling Green.  Rick is the basement expert in this area,  pictured is the basement pour this week with Lundquest Concrete.

R & J


Coming in just two weeks!

Saturday, June 10th, 2017

Summer is bust’in out all over!

The summer has begun and one of the major events in Toledo happens in just two weeks,  the 52nd. Crosby Festival of the Arts,  on Saturday June 24 and Sunday June 25.   Joining Rick and Jackie this Saturday in studio on A Firm Foundation for Life will be Matt Killam,  the person charged with putting this all together for the Toledo Botanical Gardens.  It’s a preview of the big show in just two weeks so tune into  1370 WSPD at 9:00 am.  to hear the broadcast locally,  or stream it on your computer at: or remotely on the I-Heart Media app.

Speaking of summer Rick is well into construction of a fine custom home south of Bowling Green,  attached is a picture taken this morning of the work on this firm foundation!

R &  J


First house in retirement

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

After 47 years on the regular home tour and over 300 homes constructed,  here is the start of the first construction since retirement:

Digging a basement, and Saturday’s radio show

Thursday, June 1st, 2017


Coming up this Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life,  the first Saturday in June,  N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts offer up another important, “for Life” series,  “People changing lives”,  in Toledo,  Detroit, and Flint,  Life Challenge Ministries,  is making a difference.   We have heard the testimonies and seen the work,  “the harvest is many,  but the laborers are few”!    Joining Rick and Jackie will be Jeff Bonzelaar,  Executive Director,  and from Toledo,  Martin Hall the crisis director for Toledo.   During these times of the great opiate crisis in Ohio,  leading the nation tune into hear how some have moved beyond these issues thru changed lives.

The program begins at 9:00 am.  live on 1370 WSPD,  is streamed at: and remotely on the I-Heart Media App.  anywhere in the world!

Pictured from this morning,  Laura Straley,  breaking ground on a new custom home,  just West of N. Baltimore on the family farm more pictures to follow as work progresses!

R &  J