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Cool days of summer

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

End of August and it feels like fall

Here we are with jackets on already and it’s still summer. N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts return to the studio this Saturday and catch up on a whirlwind summer, rentals and new construction. Tune in Saturday at 9:00 am. to A Firm Foundation for Life on this last Saturday before Labor Day weekend.

A Firm Foundation for Life is heard locally on 1370 WSPD, and streamed live at: and remotely on the I-Heart app on your I-Phone.

Last week’s program with Dr. Lance Talmage was a great reunion of sorts since he delivered two of our children 35 and 40 years ago to the day. Dr. Talmage is pictured here with Rick and Jackie!

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R & J

Don’t miss this one!

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Women’s health,  with the doctor who has seen it all!!!

  Rick and Jackie are pleased to welcome to the program this Saturday,  Dr. Lance Talmage.   Dr. Talmage for years was part of the largest Ob-Gyn practice in Toledo, at Toledo Hospital.   40 and 35 years ago he delivered two of our children,  August 31,  and August 20,  so it’s meaningful that he join us on Saturday August  19.   The focus of this program is going to be “women’s health in later years”,  so we expect to learn much from Dr. Talmage’s over 50 years of dealing with women’s health issues.   This Saturday is a don’t miss program!

The program can be heard locally on  1370 WSPD,  is streamed live at:  and heard remotely on I-Heart radio,  beginning at 9:00 am. . . the podcast of this program will be posted by Monday.

Two pictures tonight,  the current picture of the new custom home Rick is building just south of Bowling Green, and R & J  with Senator Ted Cruz.   Senator Cruz was in town on Tuesdaysupporting Ohio’s Senate candidate Ohio Treasurer,  Josh Mandel.

R & J

Increases in the cost of living.

Friday, August 11th, 2017

$$$ requests coming at us from every direction

If you pay attention to what is going on in our world you will see that everyone wants more $$$.   This is particularly true from entities that rely on tax $$$.   The schools,  the City,  in some places the County, or the State,  while many in our world continue to see their wages stagnate.   This Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life,  we check in with our senior economist from Cleveland George Zeller.   George continues to point out that Ohio lags behind the rest of the Country in economic growth and recovery.   Columbus,  Ohio,  is a different world compared to Toledo,  Cleveland, Youngstown, or Steubenville.

The program begins at 9:00 am.  and is heard live and local on  1370 WSPD.   Or join us by stream at:,  or remotely on the I-Heart media app on your I-Phone.

The custom built house under construction is ready for mechanicals as the windows and doors were installed today.  This stylish home is near N. Baltimore on C.R. 203 just west of Liberty Hi Rd.



3 days work on the job site.

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

Another Wood County Fair,  the 144th,  and another A Firm Foundation for Life with the Wood County Commissioners our 16th consecutive program with this group of local political leaders.

Rick always says:  “when you have honest,  quality, political leaders,  the people prosper”.     Tune in this Saturday beginning at 9:00 am.  live and local on  1370 am. WSPD,  streamed live at:  or heard remotely on I-Heart Radio with the I-Heart radio app on your I-phone.

It has been a busy week on the construction site of this fine custom home Rick is building near N. Baltimore.   As the pictures show,  Tuesday the roof trusses were still on the ground and by Thursday afternoon,  the roof was papered and the shingles were roof-topped waiting on the roofing contractor.

R & J
8:00 am.  on Tuesday   Trusses on the ground
4:00 pm. . . on Thursday,    shingles on the roof