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Rick in the shop

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

There are not many left . . .  skilled artisans

This Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life,   N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts take you into the shop.   The shop is in Perrysburg at the office of Artistic Memorials,  the artisan is Jeff Pettit,  the “Caveman”,  Jeff has stone dust in his veins.    As we continue to add technology to our program we now have the option of of extensive video pictures to expand the program each week.   This Saturday you’ll get a chance to see how these beautiful masterpieces, that will last for centuries, are created.   Anytime after the program starts on Saturday after 9:00 am.  you can go to Facebook live@  “A Firm Foundation for Life” and view this short informative video clip filmed right in the shop at Artistic Memorials.

The radio program is Saturday at 9:00 am. or Sunday at 7:00 am. and can be heard live and local on  1370 WSPD.   Or stream it on the internet @  <>  or remotely on your I-PHone with the I-Heart radio media app.

Monday was Media Day at the Marathon Classic which takes place this year in early July.   N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts had lunch with the defending champion,  I.K. Kim.   I.K. shot a 63 in the final round of last year’s championship to win.  She was a delightful young lady who shared her birthday on Wednesday with Jackie.

R &  J

Stay in your lane!

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

How do you like your new car?

Have you looked at new cars lately?  Just one step below self driving most of the new models have driving and safety accessories that keep the car in the correct lane,  slow down as traffic slows down,  and backup cameras to keep you from backing into things.   Well we bought one and it’s fabulous,  with all these gadgets and gizmos,  plus more than 44 mpg.

This Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life we are at the shop of Sylvania Auto Restyling and Glass,  just off the Central Ave. strip to talk about all this technology,  plus leather interiors,  sunroofs,  heated seats,  glass replacement and all the other after market options that can be added if the car you purchase doesn’t have these options factory installed.   We will be joined in the shop with Les and Mike Breininger,  owners of Sylvania Auto Restyling & Glass to enlighten us on this work.

The program starts at 9:00 am. on Saturday can be heard again Sundays at 7:00 am.  on 1370 WSPD,  streamed live @ remotely on your I-phone with the I-Heart radio media app.  Many of these car options we discuss can be viewed on our Facebook Live @ “A Firm Foundation for Life”.

Pictured with R & J from last Saturday’s program in studio,  Yvonne Dubielak,  from Toledo Grows,  the new director for this year’s 53rd. Crosby Festival of the Arts,  now just two weeks away on June 23 and 24.

R & J

No yellow flowers in this lawn!!!

Friday, May 18th, 2018

How good does it look?

It’s that time of the year,  cut the grass two to three times per week!    Especially if it’s a TruGreen lawn,  take a look at this!

Joining N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts this Saturday and Sunday on A Firm Foundation for Life,  your lawn,  what does it look like?  Just a new father this week,  Adam Knieriem,  your local TruGreen expert,  will leave the new born with Mom and be live in studio with us.   For sure no watering of any lawns in N. W. Ohio,  in fact if it stays cool might be weeks before we have to add water to our lawns.   Crabgrass preventer,  and those ugly yellow flowers in our lawns,  that’s top priority right now.

Tune in Saturday at 9:00 am. and/or Sunday at 7:00 am. to the region’s number one radio station  1370 WSPD,  or pick up the live stream at: remotely on your I-Phone with the I-Heart radio media app.  And again this week,  on Facebook live@  “A Firm Foundation for Life”.   You can also watch Jackie’s face peel on Facebook live from last week’s show with our friends from Anders Dermatology.

Our lawn has never looked so good,  attached is a picture taken this evening!

Rick  &   Jackie

No place else to turn!

Friday, May 4th, 2018

When there are family issues with children and there is no place else to turn,  there is one resource in Toledo on the front lines of problem children,  doing the Lord’s work.   Genacross Youth and Family Services treating over 60 kids at a time from 5 sites in N. W. Ohio with a trained caring staff,  doing things the old fashioned way with structure,  discipline,  and faith-based love.   Joining N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts this Saturday at 9:00 and Sunday at 7:00 am. all be the Genacross Youth Service director with over 20 years on the job,  Katie Zawisza,  Tim Davis,

and Amy Kaminski.  With all the problems in our troubled world this is a show of hope you will want to hear!

Tune in locally to 1370 WSPD,  streamed @ <>  remote streamed on your I-Phone with the I-Heart Radio media app.  or watch on Facebook live @  “A Firm Foundation for Life”.

Rick and Jackie toured the Genacross Lutheran Services orphanage museum Wednesday in preparation for Saturday’s broadcast,  archivist Bob Haar showed Rick and Jackie one of the class rooms from the ’60’s.   This was almost an exact duplication of the classrooms Rick and Jackie  experienced in grade school.   Notice the picture in the upper left corner of the first President of the United States.   We don’t hear much about him in today’s world?

Rick and Jackie

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Friday, April 27th, 2018

The last weekend in April.

This Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life, blood, drugs, and pain. N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts welcome back to the program Dr. Jeffrey Swartz to the program. Dr. Swartz has created the new family center clinic and the Falcon Health Center. All this works together with the announcement of the program “New Vision Medical Stabilization” service for people battling addiction. Continuing the discussion about “A Perfect Storm” aging, drugs, and chronic pain. Later in the program Dr. Swartz will review the importance of regular blood tests in the overall health care plan for people as they age. The annual Chamber Community Blood draw is this Saturday which is sold out again this year! This program is a great example of people taking charge of their own health care.

The program starts Saturday at 9:00 am. can be heard again Sunday at 7:00 am. Dr. Swartz will be on the entire program. Tune into 1370 WSPD, or stream it live @ or use the I-Heart radio media app. for your I-Phone. Additionally this Saturday’s program will appear on Facebook live @ “A Firm Foundation for Life”

Pictured with Rick and Jackie at last Saturday’s Literacy in the Park, is Dr. Tim Murnen, event coordinator, and the guest author and illustrator from Austin, Don Tate.

More Water!

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Hey get a load of this!

You have heard recent news about steel and aluminum and tariffs and how important these industries are to the security of our country!   No one ever talks about cement,  the main ingredient in concrete,  the building block of our country.  Very little cement is manufactured in our country anymore,  most of it is imported,  in this area from Canada,  some from Mexico,  and some from very far away.  Where is all the cement going to come from if we re-build the Nation’s infrastructure?

This Saturday at 9:00 am. and Sunday at 7:00 am.  N. W. Ohio’s most trusted hosts welcome back to the program,  Jordan Schmeltz,  one of the principles in Palmer Brothers Concrete,  with plants in Bowling Green,  Fremont,  Tiffin, and Napoleon.   Jordan has grown up in the business and brings wealth of knowledge to this important subject you need to hear about!

A Firm Foundation for Life is heard locally on 1370 WSPD,  can be streamed on the internet at:  <>  remotely on your I-Phone with the I-Heart radio media app.  or you can watch the interview on Facebook Live @   “A Firm Foundation for Life”

Pictured with Rick and Jackie from last week’s program is Dr. Tim Murnen,  coordinator of Literacy in the Park which happens Saturday at 10:00 am. at the Perry Field House at B.G.S.U.  Nationally famous author,  Don Tate will be there to do presentations during the event.

How is your IQ?

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Winter is winding down,  but what a time of natural disasters we have witnessed around the U.S.   Hurricanes,  floods,  wild fires,  sink holes,  have you ever wondered what’s your IQ?   Insurance quotient,  as these events occur, you keep hearing  many don’t have homeowner’s insurance, coverage.   Joining Rick and Jackie this Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life,  insurance specialists in this area from Wood County Insurance,  Phil Simmons, and Heather Parsons.   Wood County insurance since 1979 is beginning the small business transition to the next generation.   Fire coverage for your home still remains the most important insurance coverage,  but you have to do your part to protect your family’s safety . .  . like keeping your smoke detectors in working order . .  tune in to hear Rick’s story about a young family in a rental house that disabled the entire smoke detection system because they didn’t want to purchase replacement batteries?

The program begins at 9:00 am. on Saturday and 7:00 am. on Sunday is the Rewind show in case you miss it Saturday.   1370 WSPD on your radio dial, on your computer stream,  or live on your I-Phone with the I-Heart media app.

Pictured with Rick and Jackie from last week’s program before the House and Home show,  Chris Pfleghaar,   Andersen Windows,  and Jay Mauter from Northpoint Remodeling in Perrysburg.


2018 House & Home Show

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

The third week in February as always it’s the HBA House & Home show at the Seagate Center in downtown Toledo.    The largest displayer each year is the Andersen Window display and we will again feature them on A Firm Foundation for Life this Saturday.

Joining us live in studio and on Facebook Live again this Saturday,  your local Andersen representative Chris Pfleghaar,  and Jay Mauter,  one of the owners of local Andersen service and installation company Northpoint Remodleling in Perrysburg.   Having trouble with your old windows,  Jay will answer all questions.

There are thousands upon thousands of houses in N. W. Ohio that need new windows and Andersen is the only replacement window that will enhance the home’s value,  tune in to hear why, beginning Saturday at 9:00 am.  or Sunday at 7:00 am.  to  1370 WSPD,  the region’s number one station for many years,  or power up your computer to: and stream it, or grab the I-Heart media app on your I-Phone and listen anywhere.

Rick and Jackie will have complimentary tickets to the show so tune in to win!   Pictured are two Andersen replacement windows Rick just installed several weeks ago.

40 years ago

Friday, January 26th, 2018

40th Anniversary of the Blizzard of ’78

Where were you 40 years ago?    We haven’t seen anything like it since then,  and we haven’t had any extended period of brutal winter weather after the blizzard anniversary of January 26.

This Saturday night the biggest social event of the year,   the Chamber Annual Meeting at the Grand Ballroom.  On Saturday morning Rick and Jackie will visit with Earlene Kilpatrick,  the director of the Bowling Green Chamber.   Earlene has taken the Bowling Green Chamber to the next level with a major Civic event almost every month and smaller member events nearly every week.   The Chamber is one of those civic organizations that defines the Bowling Green community.

A Firm Foundation for Life is heard live on  1370 WSPD the area’s #1 station on Saturday morning at 9:00 am. . AFF Rewind is Sunday morning at 7:00 am. . .  the program is also streamed live on the internet at: and conveniently on your I-Phone with the I-Heart media app.

Rick is in constant demand to fix things in the home.  This picture is a skylight window that is leaking.  After months of calking and patching,  the window is now tarpped so we determine if the window itself is leaking or the flashing around the unit is leaking?

Urgent: for your safety

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone,   and yes for the 41st year in a row the pants fit again this year,   (pictured at the Wood County Committee on Aging Thanksgiving feast),  where all are welcome!

This Saturday on A Firm Foundation for Life,   for the 8th year in a row,  for your safety,   Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn,   and Lt. Joe Heffernan T.P.D.   live,  but more importantly in the beginning this program was about burglaries and your Christmas packages being stolen,   this Saturday however, and in light of recent events,  the focus is on getting shot,   say at church,  or at a concert,  or at Walmart,  is the world more dangerous?   Let’s see what the experts say?

The program starts at 9:00 am.   live and local on 1370 WSPD,   streamed live at:,  or remotely on your I-Phone with the I-Heart media app,  just download the free app,  and listen to Rick and Jackie anywhere!    If you miss us on Saturday, it’s A Firm Foundation for Life,  Rewind,   Sunday morning at 7:00 am. (pre-church)!

This Saturday it’s all about your safety!   On A Firm Foundation for life with Rick and Jackie!