Saturdays, 8:00 am on AM-1370 WSPD

Rick's radio show, which began February of 2001, approaches any area of residential life from the perspective that everything needs a 'firm foundation', either the work being done, or the advance knowledge for the person doing the work. During the show, Rick endeavors to point his callers in the right direction. Jackie, his wife, is the co-host of the show and endeavors to offer the female perspective. Rick and Jackie through their life experiences, in 2015, felt called to advocate for older adults and A Firm Foundation became A Firm Foundation for Life. Many of the programs today cover topics about successful aging and related health issues. This change has given the program a renewed importance with today’s aging population. Rick and Jackie have broadcast over 700 editions of the show, from all over the U.S. and 6 foreign countries, including Jerusalem and Auschwitz.

Highlight Pictures
October 11, 2008 Energy Star
July 08, 2008 Return to Grand '08
October 24, 2007 AFF's 2007 Whirlwind European Tour
April 07, 2006 At the 2006 Masters in Augusta, Georgia
December 28, 2005 Trip to Ethiopia
November 20, 2005 Vickie Ghareeb
April 08, 2005 At the Masters in Augusta, Georgia
April 06, 2005 Whitehouse Radio Day at the U.S. Treasury
January 02, 2005 Preview of Trip to Romania, December 2004
September 20-26, 2004 Colorado Trip
January 10, 2004 Roseburg Forest Products
January 03, 2004 Wind Farm in Palm Springs, California
December 27, 2003 "The Tournament of Roses"
August 09, 2003 The Wedding, Oxford, Ohio
July 19, 2003 At Moose Factory, Ontario, Canada
July 12, 2003 At the Grand Hotel on Macinac Island
May 10, 2003 Charity Auction at Woodland Towncenter
April 12, 2003 At the Masters in Augusta, Georgia
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